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My new flash game is finished

2010-08-04 12:29:27 by donut688

for all of you who played the demo i finished the real game and i totally changed it and it is a lot better now so please play it and give it some good rates

The target practice is done

2009-06-08 16:00:34 by donut688

Hey everybody the target practice of my new flash game is done

I'm making it way better than my demo that i posted

It took 2 days to finish the target practice.Whew!!!!!!!!

my first game is here

2009-06-07 20:08:10 by donut688

and good news

it actually made it thru the portal

still its only a demo

i hope the full version is much better

better news

2009-05-26 19:46:30 by donut688

in addition to my game in 8-9 days i made a sniper game that will either be followed by or come before my maze game we'll see which is better

my game is called Mayhem Maze and will be posted in 12 days

its not the game i was talking about before if you dont see my game in my profile it got deleted i relly hope my game makes it thru the portal

hey guess what everybody

2009-05-02 23:31:08 by donut688

im learning game programming and i'm working on a new game so far i've made the title screen


2009-03-02 18:16:59 by donut688

everyone i have an announcement i just got banned for 15 days cause i uploaded 2 videos in the ppast 30 days that got blammed or whatever its over for 3 days which gives me more time to make my animations better hurray

more movie info

2009-03-01 16:40:40 by donut688

well as u all probably know im making a new movie and in the movie we will be having da voice as basspro55


2009-03-01 10:01:03 by donut688

im working on a new movie it should be done in about a couple months i cant really estimate when